If you have a garden party, you should be able to enjoy it without thinking about the garden.

Why should you have to spend hours of your time tidying up the lawn to organise a party? The garden should be at your service, not the other way around.


  • G1 ZGS

    (Zucchetti Grass Sensor) patanteed sensors capable to feel where the lawn should be mowed.
    The sensor can be used as a gras sensor or as a dropoff sensor.

  • G2 Remote Control RF

    Remote control with a Radio Frequency transmission

  • G3 Alarm

    The robot makes a sound to warn that the robot is stolen.

  • G4 Spiral

    Spiral movement to optimize the cutting time inside the area with more grass to mow.

  • G5 Grass sensor

    sensors that check the presence of grass.

  • G6 Drop-off Sensor

    The wheels are projected to reconize if there are steps, curbs and if there is no grass anymore.

  • G7 Handle safety-system

    the sensors feel when the robot is lift by its handle.
    In this case the cutting blade stops right away.

  • G8 Self-programming

    It recognizes the lawn. In case the lawn is already mowed it reduces the total hours of work in order to save the wear of the robot.

  • G9 Blade Modulation

    Blade speed reduction system if there is grass that is already cut, which allows noise and ware reduction.

  • G10 Smart Modulation

    it stabilizes the cutting blade speed according to the effort that Ambrogio makes during the mowing phase.

  • G11 Cutting Blade

    A rotating disc that cuts the grass.

  • G12 Bluetooth console

    Bluetooth technology in order to guide,control and program the robot all this though its big touch-screen display.