L200R Evolution

No compromises.

  • Designed to mow up to 3000 sqm
  • Rain sensors
  • Built-in alarm system
  • Programmable to mow at two different times of the day
  • 4 separate lawn areas can be managed

See it in action!

Super Efficient, super intelligent, a super automatic lawn mower.

The Ambrogio automatic lawn mower L200R Evolution model offers outstanding performances in terms of reliability and resistance; its special sensors recognise when the grass has been already mowed, thus allowing the robot to return to its station without wasting energy and, above all, preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

The twin Ion lithium batteries offer serious power and preforamce along with reliability, while an alarm system makes this one of the most evolved robots in its class. Its facilities make this model top of the range in Ambrogio L200R models.

The Ambrogio L200R Evolution model and system is suitable for lawn areas up to 3/4 acres or 3000 sm.

Suitable for the retired or smart business owner who is tired of dedicating endless hours of prime time summer weekends and energy attending to their lawns chores, and instead wish to spend more free time playing golf or just hanging out with family and colleauges.
The Ambrogio's best qualities are within its meticulousness and precision, a hight quality automatic lawn mower that allows you to forget about tending to your lawns mowing and to take advantage of your precious free weekend time.

Visit our Ambrogio robot lawn mower shop online above to check pricing on the latest Ambrogio L200R Evolution automatic lawn mower. AutoLawnMow also offers a Professional Home fitting service available by our own Ambrogio trained technicans.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact AutoLawnMow for free friendly advise.

AutoLawnMow are the offical distributors for Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mowers in the UK and Ireland.

Technical Sheet

  • 3000Max sq.mt suggested (-20%)
  • 20-76Cutting height (mm)
  • 35%Maximum suggested slope.
  • 45%Max managed slopes (%)
  • 20%Max slope near the border
  • 4Managed lawn areas
  • 25Cutting motor (Ncm)
  • 29Cutting blade (Cm)
  • 75-65Sound power dB (A) (Max-Std)
  • 4000-3000Cutting blade speed (Max-Std)
  • With brushMotor type
  • 264Wheels diameter (mm)
  • 30Ground speed (Mt/min)
  • 13AhLithium-Ion battery
  • 5.0AhCharger
  • AutomaticRecharge mode
  • Recharging base
  • Recharging base cover
  • 4:30hAverage working time +-20%
  • Self-programming
  • Blade modulation
  • Spiral
  • GPS+GPRS module
  • Compass
  • Bump Proximity (Radar)
  • ZGS (Grass sensor)
  • ZGS (Drop-off sensor)
  • Handle safety-system
  • Rain sensor
  • RadioFrequency remote control
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Bluetooth console
  • Alarm
  • 150Border cable length (Mt)
  • 200Fixing nails
  • 14,5Weight Robot -batteries inc.(Kg)
Standard. Different models

Standard. Different models



Series equipement

Series equipement

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